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OMG YOU ROCK! You rock so hard! You rock so hard that you make diamonds turn to dust. And I bet you made this guy sing this song about you. For sure!

I, for one, am HONORED that you let me slip into your mailbox today. I even washed my hair and everything!


What. A. Week.

Here we go….I did a live show for AT5. I coached artists live on stage, most of whom I had never met before, and I really admired them for their courage and talent! You can check it out here.

On Tuesday I finished my Business English course at the HKU in Utrecht, and I am confident that those great students will do very well in their future careers.

I coached for BNN’s Golden Oldies, and cried during a very special moment in the rehearsal – you will see it all on Saturday nights, on BNN, at 9.45 pm! I have coached thousands of people over the years but these wonderful Golden Oldies will be in my heart forever. And beyond. You’ll see. Have tissues ready.

I was lucky enough to do a Media Training session with the lovely Barend and Wijnand from 3FM. Those boys worked so hard, and were a great reminder that the word ‘student’ starts with the word ‘stud’! 😉

And last, but not least, I had my first solo event of the year – the Rock Your English! Spring Sessions. We had such a wonderful group of people – everyone from established artists (thank you Sharon and Pearl!) to a marriage officiant (thank you Daphne!) to music students, rappers, poets and English teachers. The energy was wonderful and the reactions were fantastic. (This was in my inbox this morning – “I loved your seminar. Such great talents, lovely people, loving atmosphere. And a lot of learning!”) We’ll post a little movie about it soon, but this picture should give you an idea of what a blast we had working on Grammar, Pronunciation and Writing!


“Hey, Buffi – when do I say ‘niece’, ‘nephew’, and ‘cousin’? So confusing!” – from Jochem, via Twitter.

Thanks for asking, J! The children of your brother or sister are your nieces (if they are girls) and nephews (if they are boys). The children of your aunt or uncle are your cousins no matter if they are male or female.

And hey, while we’re at it, you know we don’t say ‘neighbor woman’ or ‘neighbor man’, right? Because that sounds like 50 shades of crazy! We just say ‘neighbor’ no matter who they are. And please, don’t talk about your ‘back door neighbor’, because that means something totally different….maybe Grace Jones can explain… Please don’t make me go into detail on this one, ok? Thanks!

HATE TO LOVE YOU AND LEAVE YOU….but I have a classroom of Rockacademie students who cry when I leave them without my golden nuggets of knowledge for too long. We don’t want them to get upset, now, do we? So I’m off…but not until I give you a great big germ-free hug!

Sending you a helicopter full of rainbow-colored unicorns (with very soft horns) which will take you to your favorite place in the world where your favorite food will be waiting for you, served by the people you love most. Oh, and it’s calorie-free. Go for seconds! And don’t forget to feed the unicorns!

Wit lof from buffi xx

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