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The Rock Your English! Complete Course:

This is English, but not as we know it. A fresh and funky way to activate your English with the help of some very special friends. The Rock Your English! @ Home online English course follows the Rock Your! English book, and every English lesson has a different (grammar) focus and a featured artist. I explain the English grammar in detail and talk to the artist about how he or she has used this particular form in his or her own songs. Some of them even give us a private acoustic concert!

We also have our World Famous Pop Quiz, where I ask questions about international pop artists who have also written songs featuring this English grammar form. The answers to the Pop Quiz are given at the end of the online lesson. We laugh a lot, and there are lots of surprises in every episode! The answers to the pop quizzes and all the exercises are on, just click on Find out more!. Join us on our Rock & Roll English Adventure! For more information on the English Course, please see the FAQ page.

Rock Your English! @ Home Videos:

This is an innovative way to see English and some of your musical heroes in a new light. Every chapter of this English Course features one grammar form, and I teach it in detail, then talk to fabulous Dutch artists about how they have used this particular form in their own lyrics. We also have a World Famous Pop Quiz where I ask questions about international artists who have also used this form well. There are 14 units on grammar, and 1 unit on Creative Writing. Our bonus lesson features Lucky Fonz III who gives us his personal insights on songwriting and together we tackle some pesky pronunciation problems. Every lesson is between 12 and 18 minutes in length, and is completely in English. For more information, please check the FAQ page.

The Complete English Course is 54.99 Euros, not including tax and shipping. You can order the videos and the book separately. The book is 24.99 Euros, including tax and shipping, and the videos are 39,95, not including tax. For shipping rates, click here.



This is English, but not as we know it.

The Complete English Course is the Rock Your English! Book, access to our 15 video lessons, plus 1 bonus lesson.

For more information about this English course, the artists involved, and how it is structured, please see the FAQ page.

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