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I’m on top of the world (of books)!!

I’m so happy! I just saw my beautiful babies for the very first time! My new book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ is gorgeous and it will be available nationwide on May 20th. You can order it at your favorite bookstore, or via any online platform. If you’d like a personally signed book, […]

Masterclassing in Berlin!

Achtung, baby!

I love what I do and am so lucky to do it in places that I love. I just finished a Masterclass series in Berlin, and it was great! It’s the 6th time I’ve done this coaching course and I have to say that it keeps getting better and better. I am really impressed by […]


The Changemakers, de Telegraaf, and Radio 1! What a week!

It’s been a mad crazy wonderful week. I was honored to host the Celebrate the Changemakers event in Amsterdam, where sustainable entrepreneurs from around the world shared their stories on why we all need to think about impact when it comes to doing business. I introduced each speaker with a poem I wrote especially for […]

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Here we are, hard at work.

Jury duty….

I was honored to be on the jury for the Nederland Vertaalt competition, together with Erik de Jong (aka Spinvis) and Andrew Niemeijer! Hundreds of students sent us their versions of 2 different songs that had to be translated into English or Dutch. One of the songs was ‘Kom Terug’ by Spinvis, which just happens to be […]

I have never felt more special in my life.

I went viral!

Yesterday, in my coaching session, I filmed one of my clients. She is awesome. Her name is Tuffie Vos and I love working with her so much; not in the least because it’s the ‘Tuffie and Buffi show’ when we get together. She’s the voice of the Dutch Railway, among others. She surprised me with […]


Crowdfunding for my new book has started!

I’m so excited to let you know that crowdfunding for my new book “100 Ways To Save Your Ass in English” has started! You can pre-order the book at a discount (with free shipping!) or any of the other goodies like Personal Coaching, Corporate Training Programs, Coach for a Day and so much more! If […]

rode kruis


I was honored to be featured in the latest issue of Red Cross Magazine where I talked about my volunteer work as a refugee teacher. Being a volunteer is a huge part of my life and I have learned much more than I could ever teach.

My free 5 Day Business English Challenge – sign up now!

I’m so excited to announce that my 5 Day Free Business English Challenge launches November 30! All the information you need is here. This is a free 5 day program which will help you to better structure your presentations, emails, negotiations and more in English! Join me and see you on November 30! X

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