Buffi Blog – September 2011

September is the season of updating websites. It’s been a while. (A looong while.)  I guess Im so busy doing, that I’m not updating. I will try to keep this more fresh and fabulous, but I can’t promise anything. The truth is, I’m much more of a doer than an updater….but hey, I’d rather date up than down…wouldn’t you? This is is a month full of teaching, creating, coaching, writing, and international activities. I’m preparing for coaching more artists in Berlin and Antwerp, and doing workshops Muzikantendagen in Zwolle, Nijmegen, and Brussels. (Ooh, the Belgian Muzikantendag asked me to ‘speed-date’. A man called me and spoke Flemish. I said ‘yes’ right away. Like you could ever refuse a man speaking Flemish. Sounds like melted chocolate. Belgian chocolate. Who doesn’t want lots of that in their life?)

Oh, and there’s a fabulous new HUGE Rock Your English! project coming up soon, but more on that later…here’s a look back at where my swag has taken me lately….

x buffi

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