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I’m on top of the world (of books)!!

I’m so happy! I just saw my beautiful babies for the very first time! My new book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ is gorgeous and it will be available nationwide on May 20th. You can order it at your favorite bookstore, or via any online platform. If you’d like a personally signed book, […]


Are you tired of your own story? He was.

Are you tired of your own story? My client was. He has been in the media a lot lately – on every major talk show and featured in several high-circulation print media as well as several radio interviews. His story is interesting, inspiring, and fascinating. But not to him. Not anymore. I asked him why. […]

rode kruis


I was honored to be featured in the latest issue of Red Cross Magazine where I talked about my volunteer work as a refugee teacher. Being a volunteer is a huge part of my life and I have learned much more than I could ever teach.

Is this your target group?

Stop targeting losers. Please.

Well. It happened. AGAIN. I saw it on Twitter. “Hey, got nothing to do tonight? Come and see my band!” I cannot tell you how often I see this on social media. And how sad this makes me. Let’s really have a look at what this person is saying. “Hey.” Ok. I get that. Hey […]


Find it (it’s there) and share it

I’d like to start off with a quick question – where’s your light? What drives you? What’s the message you want to share with the world? And why aren’t you sharing it? I spent many hours yesterday mourning someone I love so much. He’s gone but his legacy will survive forever, especially now that he […]

We don’t want to hear the book on your head (or All About Pronunciation)

I’ve been in and out of the studio lately, coaching bands, singers, and rappers. It’s a big part of what I do, and I love watching the songs emerge and grow as we work together. A big part of that is pronunciation coaching. This is something I also train my clients on when they have […]

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How high is yours?

Wake Me Up When You’re Done (and no, it’s not about that)

As you know, I am here to help. To brighten your language, your day, and even your life with some sparkly tips and tricks to help you communicate better in English. I love doing it, and I’m so blessed that I can do it every day. But you know what? It’s not always easy. So […]

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Recipe for a bad news sandwich

Scene from my inbox: “Buffi, can you check this song we were working on?” “Hi, thanks for your mail. I am coaching until late tonight and out tomorrow morning. However, I can check it for you tomorrow afternoon and give you feedback by the end of the day. Looking forward to hearing it!” “But I’m […]