Work with Buffi

I’d love to work with you! This is what I do and who I do it for:

Personal coaching:

I work with you on your specific needs in a private session – whether it be preparing for your next presentation, correcting your written work, or helping you get the most out of English grammar, vocabulary, or conversation. Everything is possible and tailor-made!

Artist coaching:

Let me help you to get the most out of your lyrics and pronunciation! I pay particular attention to visual imagery, narrative, storyline development, vocabulary choice, grammar, and US vs UK style, to name a few!

  • Digital Coaching: You send me your lyrics and a demo, and I send you clear feedback, with additional exercises and worksheets when needed.
  • Personal Coaching: We meet face to face and go through your lyrics and pronunciation together. Worksheets and additional material given when needed.
  • Pre-studio Coaching: We meet privately and work together, going through your songs meticulously to raise the bar on your feedback and pronunciation so that you are ready to rock in the studio!
  • In –studio Monitoring: I go with you to the studio to make sure you have incorporated all the feedback and that you sound confident, accurate, and natural when you sing! Don’t let your producer worry about your English too!
  • Media Training: If you want to sound confident yet diplomatic during your interviews, let me help you! My Media Training Pack is optional – this is where you’ll find all your answers to the FAQ’s but in different styles- from sound byte to anecdote, to help you prepare for any type of interview when you are on the road.

Media Training for Journalists/DJs:

Get the most out of your interviews by learning how to angle the questions with ease and confidence. A great way to work on variety in your interviewing skills in English!

Workshops and masterclasses at SCHOOL and WORK: 


Have grammar and vocabulary come alive in the classroom with my high-energy, dynamic classroom activities that will make you forget you are learning! A great way to get students and teachers involved in the learning process by using music, games, vocabulary development activities, and more! Also fun for teachers as part of a teacher training program!


Is your written and spoken English good enough to be professional at all times? Are you confident while giving a presentation or negotiating in English? I will help you and your team perfect these skills but in such a fun way you won’t realize how hard you’re working!

Speaker/Panel Member/Host:

I’ve been on panels on everything ranging from language to entrepreneurship to music – happy to join yours! I’ve also hosted several events and love getting busy on stage!

Tailor made programs:

I work with you to create a program that really gets to the heart of what you need in a long-term situation. We start the journey of learning together and it’s a beautiful ride.