About Buffi

“Fresh and fabulous English coaching”

“She has taught the Dutch pop scene proper English”, according to the Volkskrant. “Buffi, the grammar fairy, makes sure that your text is right”, as said by the NRC Handelsblad. Buffi Duberman, (47) is the “Personal English Coach” for established artists such as Wouter Hamel, Racoon, Jacqueline Govaert, Tim Knol, and Within Temptation. She also includes top film actors, politicians, and CEOs in her client portfolio, as well as being an official TEDx speaker coach. Buffi: “My mission is to make sure that no one ever says “I feel myself at home’ again.”

Buffi is a native New Yorker who moved to Den Bosch, the Netherlands, for love in 1991. Those who meet her for the first time might be overwhelmed by her untiringly positive attitude and her unequalled energy. Soon one discovers, however, that this is all 100% genuine and straight from the heart. Buffi has spent the past 25 years putting her heart and soul into improving and changing how people learn English in the Netherlands. She is now Holland’s most famous English coach, which is a title for something that no one had ever heard of – until she created it.

Buffi loves working with her private clients, but she is also dedicated to innovation in education. That’s why you can find her in several classrooms each week, spreading the gospel of English in her own unique way. She also gives masterclasses and teacher training courses throughout the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Germany.

But wait…there’s more!

Buffi has appeared on the small screen as the coach and consultant for Idols, X-Factor, and The Voice, among others, and you might have seen her as a guest on DWDD, Omroep Max, Shownieuws, heard her on BNR, Radio 2, 3FM and more. She’s also trained many DJs and artists in English Media Training, and is the secret weapon on both sides of the mic.

Buffi’s affinity with music and her obsession with grammar (She actually calls herself a Graminal) led to her write her first book “Rock Your English!” which is all about learning English through song lyrics and pop quizzes. It’s fun(ky) and thousands have been sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. Buffi: “ I want to show people that language is everywhere and challenge them to learn English in new and exciting ways.  Her first online course, “Rock Your English @ Home!”, launched in 2012, and is a lively supplement to the book, featuring personal interviews with 14 top Dutch artists talking to their English coach about grammar and lyrics.

Next Level Learning

Buffi is busy and so are her clients. That’s why her online Business English course, www.businessenglishcommunication.com is so popular among entrepreneurs and executives. In 8 modules you learn how to speak, write, network, present like a pro, and so much more! Every masterclass has its own worksheet, and yes, you have to do your homework. The VIP program even includes personal coaching with Ms Dubes herself.

Buffi decided to take things a step further in 2016. Her new book, “100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English” (which focuses on the most embarrassing mistakes in English with a particular focus on Business English),was 154% crowdfunded. It’s a fresh approach to professionalizing one’s English in a humorous way. One lesson a day keeps the shame away!

In the super summer of 2016, Buffi took to the Bravo Stage at the hugely popular Lowlands Festival, where she taught 10,000 people English. It was the experience of a lifetime, and absolute proof that education is rock&roll, and teachers are rock stars! She’s honored to hold the world record in the World’s Coolest English Lesson. (Ever.)

Buffi is proud to be a refugee ally and has been a volunteer teacher in Dutch and English for people who are starting a new life in the Netherlands. She is deeply committed to refugee education and to celebrate the launch of her book, she donated 155 books to refugees across the Netherlands.

One of her favorite phrases is ‘Use it or lose it, honey!’ and she’s taken that to heart in her new e-book, WORK IT!, launched in 2017. It’s an 80-page journey through quick lessons and exercises, filled with inspiring quotes, new vocabulary, and so much more.

Buffi’s passion, honesty and humor shine through in everything she does. She’s a rulebreaker, a gamechanger, and a communication fairy who will make you laugh a lot, work hard, learn so much, and give you homework with a hug!